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Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment In Mumbai


Best Panchakarma Treatment Specialist in Mumbai

Dr. Joshi is the best and most renowned Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment specialist in mumbai. Dr. Joshi offers panchakarma treatment for weight loss, knee pain, eyes, lungs, blood pressure.

Our ancestors have been the most visionary and the most intelligent inventors in the field of medicine. Panchakarma has proven to be a renowned and proven method all across the world that plays a vital role in the healing process.

Being an ancient method of healing there has been no significant change or research in the method. At SDF Holistic we use the same methods but the medicines are much more effective than those written in our ancient manuscripts. We use medicated and concentrated ingredients in the process to attain quality and substantial results.

We recommend everyone should have this process once every 2 months for a healthy and sustainable life.

Elemets of Panchakarma

Considered as the mother of all treatments, this enema with medicinal oils or decoctions cleanses accumulated toxins through the large intestine. Basti works well because of the good absorbing capacity of the rectal area. For gastric disorders, obstruction of urine/semen/menstrual flow, loss of strength, nervous diseases, lower backache, rheumatism, kidney stones, piles, abnormal enlargement of the liver/spleen and obesity.

This is bowel-cleaning by giving a laxative mixed in milk or warm water. It removes toxins accumulated in the liver/gallbladder and completely cleans the gastro-intestinal path. For skin diseases, urinary disorders, anaemia, chronic fever, diabetes, digestive disorders, headache, gynaecological disorders, jaundice and heartburn.

Vomiting is induced by giving oral drugs with a large number of liquids. It cleanses toxins collected in the body and clears the respiratory system. For asthma, cough, psoriasis, chronic allergies, hay fever, hyperacidity, chronic indigestion and water retention.

The nose is an easy entrance to the head. Medicine is poured into the nostrils for inhalation. This cleanses accumulated toxins in the head and neck region. Highly effective for asthma, sinusitis, migraine and loss of smell/taste.

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