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Ayurvedic Joints & Spine Treatment In Mumbai


Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Mumbai for Joint Spine

Dr. Joshi is the best ayurvedic doctor for joint spine treatment in mumbai. Dr Joshi offers the best joint spine treatment for child and old age.

Joint and Spine disorders have become extremely common in cities these days. They are majorly caused due to defects in cartilage, bones, ligaments or inflammation in joints. These also occur due to age, heredity, lifestyle and accidents.

Conventional Treatment

Conventionally there is no treatment that really heals the root cause of the disease, there are medications that subdue the symptoms of the disease or the route for surgery is undertaken. Surgeries cause various side effects like infection, blood clots, nerve injury, and prosthesis problems like loosening or dislocation.
Surgery in itself is an extremely expensive treatment and also is a very painful one.

Organic Treatment

Organic treatment is a combination of modern clinical science, principles of Ayurveda and technological advancements in the formulation of medicines. At SDF Holistic we use a combination of organic medicines & Panchakarma to treat the disease from its root cause and with a holistic approach. Organic treatment does not only reduce the pain but improves mobility and cures the disease of its cause.
Although an extremely chronic condition takes time to heal, results can be seen in weeks.


Panchkarma acts like a maintenance and detoxification mechanism in our treatment, although medicines are the main line of treatment, Panchkarma and other therapies play a significant role in the treatment. These therapies help in reducing pain, detoxifying the body, improving mobility, maintaining body fluids, especially in joints and the spine.

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