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Ayurvedic Holistic Treatment In Mumbai


Best Holistic Treatment Specialist In Mumbai

Dr. Joshi is the best holistic treatment in Mumbai at an affordable price. Dr Joshi offers holistic treatment for anxiety, knee pain and high blood pressure.

Treatment Procedure

There are 7 parts to holistic treatment. In order to avail the best treatment possible each step is of utmost necessity for a patient. It seems simple when you visit our doctor but behind the curtains, there is a lot of planning and thinking that happens to provide you with a holistic treatment

Thorough Diagnosis
In order to solve a problem, knowing the problem is the first step that should be taken. We take everything into consideration right from lifestyle, age, heredity and multiple other factors to define the cause of the disease

Counselling the patient
Once the diagnosis is done, patient education is the next step, until the patient knows what he is suffering from and why we don’t intend to start with the treatment. In this part, the patient is explained for how long the treatment is to be taken and how is it going to work.

Preparing the body for the treatment
More than anything in the world our body is the most adaptable thing, and it adapts to the bad things as well. Because our body has been contaminated with external factors the medicines are ineffective on the body unless the body is cleansed inside out. This enables the treatment to be much faster and much more effective.

Healing the body internally
This is the actual part where the treatment of the disease takes place and a person can see pathological changes. This is only possible if the first three things are done if the patient pays utmost attention to the doctor and follows the doctor’s instructions.

Healing the body externally
Once the insides of the body have started to heal, the patient’s external complaints are taken care of. One starts feeling energetic and much more alive through this process.

Treating all other related ailments
Our body works as a single system, and nothing should be healed individually, our holistic treatment takes care of all the other complaints that a patient has like the primary issue. Our treatment also strengthens all vital organs for a healthy life ahead.

Prevention from a future ailment
Prevention is better than cure they say, but they don’t prevent it after curing it. We at SDF believe in the quote and practice it. Our relationship with the patient does not end after the complete course of treatment we make sure that the patient leads a healthy and lively life in the future.

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