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Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment In Mumbai


Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Mumbai for Infertility

Dr. Joshi is the best ayurvedic doctor for infertility treatment in mumbai. Dr Joshi offers the best infertility treatment for male and female in ayurveda.

For any fertility to take place 4 things are required.


  • Soil – Uterus and the fallopian tube of the mother
  • Environment – Womb and the body of the mother
  • Seed – Both present in father and mother as sperm and ovary respectively
  • Nutrition – Required for both Father & Mother

Infertility is caused due to defects in any of these 4 conditions. While the problem area can be identified, a couple still isn’t able to conceive due to reasons unknown. This is major because some problem goes unidentified and in spite of numerous treatments and chances the couple still remains unable to conceive.

Conventional Treatment

There are numerous treatments available for infertility like IVF, Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) etc but little do they affect all the factors important that are restricting one from conceiving. These treatments cost a huge amount of money, require various cycles of treatment and still have a success rate of hardly 30%.

Organic Treatment

Organic treatment has a very different approach. Normally our body is made capable enough to conceive, it is the normalcy that is really required. Organic treatment works on all fronts i.e Soil, Seed, Environment & Nutrition. In fact, at SDF Holistic we just don’t work on the mother’s health we also improve the father’s health so that the sperm is healthy along with mainline treatment for the mother.

In our Holistic way, all the 4 factors vital for fertilization are taken under consideration and depending from case to case the treatment can last anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

At SDF Holistic we believe making a family is a joy every couple should be able to experience. We have specifically engineered medicines that have ecstatic results on the body and help in conceiving.


Infertility is caused majorly due to defects caused by toxins accumulated in areas vital for fertility. Through Panchkarma, we ensure that these organs are flushed of these toxins internally and it also creates a positive environment in the body for conceiving and for the medicines to act on.


  • Fertility
  • All factors affecting fertility are treated
  • Better health for baby
  • Better health for mother and father
  • Improves health to conceive again

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