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Frequently Asked Question

Kidney Disease

CKD is a progressive disease. The primary motive of the disease is to arrest the progression of the disease, decrease physical symptoms, improve quality of life reduce/stop/avoid dialysis and prevent kidney transplant. Our treatment also helps in repairing the damage already done to the kidneys.
We will taper the dependency on allopathic medicine as any inorganic substance increases the workload of the kidneys. Over a period of time, all medicines are reduced to a negligible amount.
Dialysis can be avoided if the right treatment is taken at the right time. Conventional treatment does not help in avoiding dialysis, in fact, it waits till dialysis starts and the medicines support dialysis. Holistic organic treatment increases the efficiency of kidneys and arrests the growth of any further damage to the functions of kidneys hence, dialysis can be completely avoided. Our numerous patients have been avoiding dialysis completely for years.
Yes, it can be stopped. Although the patient??S control over his lifestyle plays a major role in it. We have numerous patients who have reduced the frequency of dialysis and eventually stopped dialysis over time.
Yes, transplants can be avoided.
The treatment for CKD is needed lifelong as no treatment can heal the damage already done to the kidneys completely. Although dialysis and transplant can be avoided by holistic organic treatment.
Symptomatic results are seen in the first month itself. From the 3rd month, a patient can experience pathological changes in the body.
The cost will vary from patient to patient, condition to condition. Although for medicines it anywhere around 3000-7000 per month. Panchkarma treatment will vary upon the severity of the condition.
For more than 20 years we helped thousands of patients with the right management for CKD. Our treatment improves the quality of life, avoids/reduces the painful process of dialysis and also can prevent transplant.
There are no side effects of our medicines. Its a society generated myth that organic medicines have side effects on CKD, in fact, study shows numerous patients have reduced serum creatinine with the right treatment.


Yes, it is, holistic treatment ensures that the cancer is treated from the root cause and the body is made self-sufficient to fight any type of cancer in future.
In stages 1-3 cancer can treat completely, in later stages we can only improve the quality of life of the patient.
No, in fact, all symptoms of cancer are subdued by holistic organic treatment.
If chemo and radiation have been advised to a patient the cancer is at an advanced stage, chemo and radiation do not have a holistic approach, it partially helps to arrest the growth of cancerous cells and kill local cells present in the area affected by cancer. Holistic organic treatment works on the entire body, improves the immunity to fight against cancer and also helps normalize the changes in the DNA that have caused cancer.
It is an extremely effective treatment, it does not only treat cancer at the current stage but also prevent it from re-occurring.
All cancers can be treated as the treatment works on the entire body rather than working on cancer-affected areas.
Duration cannot be given but, effects of treatment can be seen from the first month itself.
Medicines cost around 5000-8000 a month. Therapies will be charged extra depending on the requirement for the patient’s severity.
Hundreds of our patients are living a cancer-free life after recovering from as much as 3rd stage cancer.
Symptomatic results can be seen within a month, but pathological results will take time to be visible.


No, it’s not. Proper management of the disease is the key to a healthy and prosperous life.
Treatment for diabetes is required through the disease as it cannot be cured, but a minimal dose of organic medicines ensured well-managed disease and also prevents any future diseases.
Holistic organic treatment does not only prevent cardiac and renal diseases which are certain for a diabetic, it also improves the overall health of the patient and prevents any other smaller ailments or diseases.
There are no side effects.
Holistic organic treatment works on the entire body and builds the immune system no avoid any future diseases. Along with this, the medicines are completely organic hence they do not have any adverse effect on the body.
Symptomatic results can be seen within 15 days. Pathological results need up to 45 days.
1000-3000 per month for medicines.
No, we will slowly reduce the dependency on other medicines.
All your health issues will be dealt with while managing diabetes. Our treatment also ensures that the frequency of any other ailments or issues is reduced.